Religious tour


Experience the magic of orthodoxy in the most beautiful local monasteries…

1st Stop: Monastery of Keharitomeni Theotokos

The religious tour starts from the Keharitomeni Theotokos. A monastery near Troezen village which was founded by the late Elder Epifanios Theodoropoulos and was first settled in April 1977. Now it’s the second Abaton male monastery of I. Metropolis with strong presence and ministry in the Troizinia region with a fraternity strength of 17 Fathers.

2nd Stop: Monastery of Agios Dimitrios

The tour ends with Agios Dimitrios Monastery, which was founded in 1455, two years after the Fall of Constantinople, for the preservation of Christianity. Throughout the centuries that have passed, apart from the church and magnificent hagiographies, both the pronaos and the interior were preserved.

Capacity: 4 people + the driver

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*All tours can be tailored to the customer needs and schedule.

**Because Kecharitomeni Theotokos is a male abaton monastery, women can go as far as the courtyard.