Troezen Tour


Escape in Troezen (Troizina) the famous birthplace of Theseus, and experience the mythology of this place.

1st stop: Troezen modern village

The tour starts at the modern village of Troezen, where visitors will have the opportunity to wander around and explore it.

2nd stop: Ancient Troezen

The excursion continues to the Ancient Τroezen where there are ruins of the old city and the actual rock that Theseus picked up (according to the myth when he reached adulthood, he lifted a rock to take the sword and the sandals that the father had hidden Of Aegeus).

3rd stop: Diavologefiro

The tour ends in the Diabologefiro area, which is characterized by its heavenly natural beauty and often referred to by local and ubiquitous visitors as Neraidotopos (fairyland). The traces of the rocks that look like goat tracks (which in the folk mythology are associated with the devil) finally gave the name to the area.

Capacity: 4 people + the driver

Price: Check Availability


*The tour can be tailored to the customer needs and schedule.