Poros tour


Escape to Poros, the enchanting island of the Saronic Gulf.  The island has been an idyllic vacation destination for Greeks and tourists alike that provide a low-keyed feel of a relaxed vacation destination that makes it ideal for people who want to explore the surrounding region.

1st Stop: Zoodochos Pigi Monastery

The tour starts at the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. The monastery was founded in 1720 and it has also functioned as an orphanage and as an ecclesiastical school.

2nd Stop: Temple of Poseidon

From there we will travel to Poseidon’s Temple, dating back to the 520 BC. The temple was mainly a voluntary co-operative for coping with religious and political problems.

3rd Stop Russian Bay – Daskalio

We continue our tour to the Russian Bay, which is of great architectural and historical significance for the island of Poros. On the opposite side is Daskalio a small island with a lovely church where traditional weddings usually take place.

4th Stop: City of Poros

After Russian bay, the tour completes in the town of Poros where visitors can explore the picturesque alleys and indulge into the magic of the island.

Capacity: 4 people + the driver

Price: Check Availability 


*The Tour can be tailored to the customer needs and schedule