Corinth-Nemea Tour


Experience the magic of the Peloponnese in Corinth (one of the largest and richest city-states of the ancient Greece) and in the sanctuary of ancient Nemea.

1st stop: Ancient Nemea

The Tour starts at the ancient Nemea, which was a religious sanctuary in the northern Peloponnese, where Pan-Hellenic athletic games were held every two years from 573 BCE until 271 BC. Their people can visit the world-renowned archaeological sites recognized by UNESCO.

2nd stop: Corinthian Isthmus

From there we travel to Corinth canal, which was carried out during the period 1882-1893 by the government of Kapodistrias.

3rd stop: Ancient Corinth

From the isthmus, the tour continues in the ancient Corinth. The importance of the city lies in its geographical location, role as a center of trade, naval fleet and participation in various greek wars. There visitors have the opportunity to walk next to the ruins of the old town and experience the temple of Apollo.

4th stop: Acrocorinth

The tour completes in Akrocorinth, which due to its morphology it acted as an Acropolis in the ancient times.

Capacity: 4 people + the driver

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*The tour can be tailored to the customer needs and schedule.