The Best Beaches at Poros


Poros is a place of stunning natural beauty. But most of all, it hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in Argolis. Let’s see them

5. Russian Bay

The Russian Bay a beautiful and picturesque bay, which is classified as a historical monument, because of its great architectural and historical interest.


4. Neorio Beach

Neorio is one of the most beautiful beaches of Poros. It is on the west side and the pine trees reach the sea.


3. Love bay 

The Love bay, a very romantic place where one can enjoy the green and the clear blue waters swimming under the pine trees…


2. Askeli Beach

Askeli, a quite big beautiful beach with a beach volley court. At Askeli there are bars, shops, taverns, hotels and rooms to let. There are also facilities for waters sports and interesting nightlife…


  1. Monastiri Beach 

Monastiri is a quiet beach with clear waters and picturesque taverns, below the hill where the monastery is built next to a pine tree forest with luxurious hotels, the area is suitable for scuba diving…




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