The Best Places To Visit In Nafplio


Nafplio is a unique vacation destination with countless attractions to visit. Tsouris taxi presents the top 5 best places to visit in Nafplio…

5) Citadel of Tiryns (Tirintha)

Tiryns is a Mycenaean archaeological site in Argolis region. In the ancient time, it was a hill fort with occupation ranging back seven thousand years, from before the beginning of the Bronze Age.


4) Bourtzi

The water castle of Bourtzi is located in the middle of the harbor of Nafplio. The Venetians completed its fortification in 1473 to protect the city from pirates and invaders from the sea. galatas

3) Acronafplia

Acronafplia is the oldest part of the city of Nafplion in Greece. Until the thirteenth century, it was a town on its own.

Ακροναυπλιά galatas

2) Archeological Museum of Nafplio

The Archaeological Museum of Nafplio is one of the best museums in town. The building itself is acknowledged as one of the best well-preserved Venetian structures in the whole of Greece. galatas

1) Palamidi Fortress

Palamidi is a fortress in the town of Nafplio in the Peloponnese region. Nestled on the crest of a 216-metre high hill, the fort was built by the Venetians during their second occupation of the area.

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