Athens and Epidaurus festival 2017


Δός μοι τοῦτον τόν ξένον (…) ὃς ὡς ξένος οὐκ ἔχει τήν κεφαλήν ποῦ κλίνῃ.

(Translation: Give me this stranger. Who like a stranger has no place to tilt his head)

[George Akropolites (13th century), M. Paraskevi]

With this motto the Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2017, this year starts its action, starring the city, taking a step in the youthful creation and with actions open to society. Little Epidaurus is associated with the events of the Epidaurus Theater – both scenes will have exclusive performances of ancient drama – and with the operation of the Lyceum of Epidaurus. Piraeus becomes a second pillar of the festival, with the acquaintance and exploitation of its regions, the events throughout the city along with research, occupy a large part of the program.

The international names included in the program include the director Olivier Pi, as well as the legendary pianist Martha Argerich in Herod, Baryshnikov and Bob Wilson, Folkbons with a tribute to her performances, the last of this season that has changed since this year Romeo Kastelouchi and Milo Raw, Zylien Gosleen and Iranian Mahin Sentri, among others.

The Olympia Theater will be used for festivals, which will also commemorate the memory of Spyros Evangelatos. The Festival’s artistic director, Vangelis Theodoropoulos, also announced the issue of the 2018 Festival, which will be “State and Citizens,” said financially that the festival did not owe and talked about this year’s budget, of which 4 million will be the artistic Costs, and 6 million are operational. “Our priority is always to support the domestic creation, especially nowadays, but also to recommend to the Greek audience possible works and names of the contemporary international scene,” he said in his speech.

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